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Group Fitness in Chicago

If you’ve ever thought about group training, now is the time to make a commitment to become part of the team. When you join a group of other fitness-minded friends, you become part of a fun group of people, all working towards, and pushing each other towards, the same goal. Each and every member wants to succeed. Together, you can make that happen.


Our group training sessions are not only fun, but you’ll find these are also energizing group workouts. With some friendly completion, we can help push each other to meet, and even surpass, the fitness levels we only used to imagine.


Tailored specifically to any level of fitness, you do not have to be in perfect shape right now to join a group training team. All are welcome, from the beginners to the more advanced. We also offer bridal boot camps for women hoping to shed a few pounds before the big day. We even offer corporate wellness classes and boot camps for business professionals to join and inspire each other outside of the traditional work setting.

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