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Negative Effects of Processed Foods and Processed Carbohydrates

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Why It’s Beneficial to Stay Away From Processed Foods


Processed foods refer to the chemical processing of foods. Generally, they include foods made from artificial substances and refined ingredients. Unlike “real” foods, these foods can lead to a number of issues, from potential health problems to ingredients you may not even realize you’re consuming.


To begin with, many processed foods are high in sugar, as well as high in High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sugar constitutes empty calories with no real nutrients. In fact, it can lead to things like increased bad cholesterol, increased fat and insulin resistance. In excess, it’s also been associated with a number of health ailments. You may not even realize how much added sugar is in some of the food you’re eating.


Processed foods are also usually full of fat, sweets and sometimes tastes salty. The food may taste good so that we want it, but you need to set limits. Processed foods can also lead to overconsumption of food. It’s also possible to become addicted to junk food for this reason.


When it comes to processed foods, they’re also full of a number of artificial ingredients. Even if you read the label, you may have a hard time making out what some of the ingredients are. That’s because they’re not actually food at all, but rater artificial chemicals. Usually processed foods are full of things like preservatives, added chemical flavor, textures and colorants. Sometimes the label will just say artificial flavor and not even disclose what exactly this means.


The processed carbohydrates found in processed foods also pose a health risk. Sometimes called refined carbohydrates, these are different from the carbohydrates you get from whole foods. With refined carbohydrates, they can lead to things like a rapid spike in insulin levels and blood sugar. This puts people on a roller coater cycle where their blood sugar levels go down a few hours later and they crave the carbs once again.


To get the most nutrition and health benefits out of your food, choose natural, whole foods whenever possible. This way you know what you’re eating.


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