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The Effectiveness of High-Intensity Interval Training

High Interval TrainingBenefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

When you’re involved in high-intensity interval training it means you’re alternating your workout between bursts of intense activity, followed by either rest or less-intensive activity. This may mean, for example, you run really fast for a minute, and then you walk for around two minutes. You’ll repeat the sequence several times.


This type of workout can be extremely effective if you don’t have a lot of time to workout, or you want to get in shape fast. It pushes you to a point where your heart beats faster and provides extreme results when it comes to fat burning. Since the workout is so simple and fast, you can also do it just about anywhere, with possibly just a few adaptations.


With high-intensity interval training, you’re working out the entire time, and you definitely see results when it’s over. As you progress, you can also make your workout even more challenging to push yourself even more.


Also called HIIT, high-intensity interval training also allows you to keep burning fat once your workout ends. Your metabolism keeps going for hours afterwards as your body tries to recoup the oxygen deprived of during your workout.


During HIIT, you also kick-start your muscle-building hormones to help you build lean muscle mass. In addition, this type of workout helps your cardiovascular system. You strengthen your heart when you push your heart rater higher. The short periods of rest also give your body the knowledge to recover faster during workouts in the future.


To be most effective, you want to challenge your entire body by doing some difficult moves centered around just one exercise. Try to do a couple of exercises back to back, and then give yourself a short break to recover. While you want to have time to catch your breath, you don’t want to recover altogether before you start in on the next challenging set.

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