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Eating Healthy At The Workplace

Eating Heathly at the Workplace, Chicago Personal Trainers

10 Tips for Healthy Eating During the Work Week

  1. Choose restaurants with healthy choices. Don’t be afraid to modify items, if needed. Yes, be that guy; don’t be embarrassed.

  2. Stock your desk with healthy snacks. Examples being: Brazil nuts, sliced veggies and hummus, protein shakes

  3. Eat breakfast every day. Our bodies need energy to function and breakfast is an optimal time to gain this energy through food. A healthy breakfast routine can help you resist office temptations and keep you satisfied until lunch!

  4. East something before work outings to limit unhealthy food choices during events. Put yourself in control by eating a small or regular meal before work outings to limit excess consumption at restaurants and dinner parties.

  5. Support yourself with co-workers who have similar healthy goals as you.

  6. Pre-cook as many meals as you can for the week. Use Sundays as your grocery shopping/cooking day!

  7. Drink water and don’t confuse thirst for hunger. Always have a water bottle at your desk and with you at all times.

  8. Take a multivitamin every day.

  9. KIS-Keep it simple. Eat whole foods, natural foods, and foods with a low number of ingredients.

  10. Free food isn’t always the best food. (i.e. company meeting cookies, candy trays, donuts)

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